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Data Interpretation
Data Interpretation

Data interpretation is an old topic of the revised syllabus of UGC NET Paper 1. In the old syllabus, the topics were not mentioned under this unit. But in the revised syllabus, it has clearly mentioned the various topics like sources, acquisition and classification of data, graphical representation, and data & governance.

Free Notes of UGC NET Data interpretation

We provide free study materials or notes of Data interpretation for the aspiring candidates. You will learn here according to the new revised syllabus of NTA UGC NET Paper 1.

There are FIVE topics of Data interpretation of UGC NET Paper 1, in which ONE topic is new. The study materials available on this website are prepared by JRF qualified who are either working as an Assistant Professor or a Ph.D. Scholar.

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Sources, acquisition, and classification of Data  ♦  Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Objectives of the topic: This topic covers the meaning, classification, sources, and acquisition of data. It is a concept based topic, including quantitative and qualitative data.

Graphical representation (Bar-chart, Histograms, Pie-chart, Table-chart, and Line-chart) and mapping of Data

Objectives of the topic: This topic is the base for solving the questions related to Data Interpretation. You will learn what is a graphical representation, including several ways to represent the data like Bar chart, Histogram, Pie Chart, Table chart, and line chart. One new topic is also included here i.e., mapping of data. You will also learn here what is data mapping?

Data Interpretation

Objectives of the topic: This unit is the practical topic of the previous theoretical one. To solve the questions of DI, you have to practice well on a regular basis.

Data and Governance (New Topic)


UGC NET Data interpretation MCQ


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