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Free UGC NET logical Reasoning Notes | MCQ | Paper 1

UGC NET Logical Reasoning
Logical Reasoning

UGC NET Logical Reasoning is old topic of the revised syllabus of UGC NET Paper 1. But, few topics of Indian Philosophy have been added in this unit. The added topics are brand new and very strange in comparing to the previous syllabus. Theses topics are very comfortable for those who have studied Philosophy before.

This unit covers deductive, inductive and abductive Reasoning, arguments,Mood and Figure, Classical square of opposition, etc. In new topics, Indian logic and Pramanas are included.

Free Notes of UGC NET Logical Reasoning

We provide free study materials or notes of Logical Reasoning for aspiring candidates. You will learn here according to the new revised syllabus of NTA UGC NET Paper 1.

There are SEVEN topics of Logical Reasoning of UGC NET Paper 1, in which THREE topics are new. The study materials available on this website are prepared by JRF qualified who are either working as an Assistant Professor or a Ph.D. Scholar.

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Understanding the structure of arguments: argument forms, the structure of categorical propositions, Mood and Figure, Formal and Informal fallacies, Uses of language, Connotations and denotations of terms, Classical square of opposition.

Objectives of the topic: This topic is not new, but many topics have been put together. Mood and Figure, Connotations and denotations of terms, use of languages are few new mentioned topics.

Evaluating and distinguishing deductive and inductive Reasoning.

Objectives of the topic: It is a small topic, but you have to know the difference between deductive and inductive Reasoning. It is an important topic for UGC NET exam.


Objectives of the topic: This is an old topic, and you have to practice well before the exam to solve the questions quickly.

Venn diagram: Simple and multiple uses for establishing the validity of arguments.

Objectives of the topic: This topic was also in the old syllabus of UGC NET Paper 1. It is a very important topic. It will be the base to solve the different types of logical Reasoning. Practice well to solve the question easily through Venn diagram.

Indian Logic: Means of knowledge (New Topic)

Pramanas: Pratyaksha (Perception), Anumana (Inference), Upamana (Comparison), Shabda (Verbal testimony), Arthapatti (Implication) and Anupalabddhi (Non-apprehension) (New Topic)

Structure and kinds of Anumana (inference), Vyapti (invariable relation), Hetvabhasas (fallacies of inference) (New Topic)

Objectives of the topic: Above all topics are new, and these have been included in the revised syllabus of UCG Net Paper 1. These topics are actually related to philosophy, but only the ancient ways to solve logical Reasoning, have been included. To understand the topics, you must read again and again to get the exact concept and theories related to Indian Logic.

UGC NET Logical Reasoning MCQ

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