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Revised Rates of UGC Fellowship | ₹ 67,000 + HRA Monthly [2023]

Revised UGC Fellowship

The University Grants Commission (UGC) Fellowship Hike has emerged as a beacon of hope for countless aspiring scholars and researchers in India. This strategic move by the UGC to enhance fellowship grants is not merely a financial upgrade but a profound testament to the commitment to fostering academic excellence, innovation, and the growth of India’s knowledge economy.

UGC Fellowship Scheme

The UGC Fellowship Scheme is instrumental in supporting postgraduate students, PhD Scholars and Post-Doctoral researchers across the country. UGC NET Fellowship (UGC NET JRF), one of the fellowships sponsored by UGC is awarded to individuals who qualify through the National Eligibility Test (NET), a rigorous examination that assesses candidates’ eligibility for lectureship and provides a gateway to research opportunities in India. Apart from this, there are a number of other fellowships for PhD and Post-Doctoral researchers like, NFSC/ST, NFOBC, SJSGC, UGC PDF etc.

The UGC fellowships serve as a financial backbone for scholars pursuing their PhD and Post-Doctoral studies and research. These stipends cover living expenses and educational costs, allowing researchers to dedicate their time to academic and research pursuits without having to engage in other employment. This financial stability is critical for individuals devoted to advancing knowledge and contributing to the country’s academic landscape.

Necessity for a Fellowship Hike

The world of academia is highly competitive and demanding, requiring scholars to invest years of dedication and effort in their research. Throughout this arduous journey, research scholars often grapple with financial constraints. The previous fellowship amounts were often insufficient to meet the increasing cost of living and the needs associated with quality research, including fieldwork and equipment purchases.

The UGC recognized this predicament and responded with a much-needed hike in fellowship amounts. This increase factored in the escalating living costs, the need for quality research materials, and the importance of ensuring researchers maintain a decent standard of living while pursuing their academic quests.

UGC Revised Fellowship

The University Grants Commission (UGC) in its 572nd meeting held on 20 September 2023 considered and approved the revised rates of fellowship amount under UGC Fellowship Schemes.

Revised Rates of Fellowship Amount

S. No.Name of the FellowshipExisting Fellowship (Rs. /Month)Revised Fellowship (Rs. /Month)
1UGC NET JRF-SRFJRF @ Rs. 31,000 pm for 2 Years SRF @Rs. 35000 pm for remaining yearsJRF @ Rs. 37,000 pm for 2 Years SRF @Rs. 42,000 pm for remaining years
2Savitribai Jyotirao Phule fellowship for Single Girl ChildJRF @ Rs. 31,000 pm for 2 Years SRF @Rs. 35000 pm for remaining yearsJRF @ Rs. 37,000 pm for 2 Years SRF @Rs. 42,000 pm for remaining years
3Dr. D.S. Kothari Post-Doctoral Fellowship (DSKPDF)*Higher PDF: Rs. 54,000 pm (entire tenure) PDF: Rs. 47,000 pm for 1 yr. Rs. 49,000 pm for 2 yr. Rs. 54,000 pm for 3 yr.Higher PDF: Rs. 67,000 pm (entire tenure) PDF: Rs. 58,000 pm for 1 yr. Rs. 61,000 pm for 2 yr. Rs. 67,000 pm for 3 yr.
4.PDF for Women* PDF for SC/ST* UGC PDF (Dr. S. Radhakrishnan)*Rs. 47,000 pm for 1 yr. Rs. 49,000 pm for 2 yr. Rs. 54,000 pm for 3 yr. onwardsRs. 58,000 pm for 1 yr. Rs. 61,000 pm for 2 yr. Rs. 67,000 pm for 3 yr. onwards

* The enhanced rates of fellowship in the designated UGC schemes shall be applicable for existing beneficiaries only.

Note: The percentage for calculating House Rent Allowance (HRA), wherever applicable, will be based on fellowship amount.

  1.  The above-revised rates of fellowship are applicable w.e.f. 01.01.2023
  2. The other terms and conditions will remain the same as per the UGC Schemes Guidelines.

Positive Impacts of UGC Fellowship Hike

The upswing in the UGC Fellowship has yielded several notable benefits for the Indian academic community:

Enhanced Financial Security: The augmented fellowship has substantially improved the financial stability of research scholars, alleviating their financial worries and enabling them to focus on their work.

Elevated Research Quality: Researchers now have the opportunity to concentrate fully on their work, leading to higher-quality research and academic output.

Retaining Talent: The increased stipends serve as a powerful magnet for attracting and retaining India’s brightest minds, reducing the brain drain that has long plagued the country.

Inclusivity: The improved fellowship packages have made research more accessible to a wider pool of students, regardless of their financial backgrounds, thereby promoting inclusivity.

Increased Research Output: As a direct result of the fellowship hike, research productivity across various academic disciplines has experienced a noteworthy upsurge, adding significantly to India’s research and innovation landscape.

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Challenges and the Road Ahead

While the UGC Fellowship hike is undoubtedly a progressive step, there are some challenges that still need attention. Administrative bottlenecks and delays in the disbursement of fellowship funds must be addressed to ensure that researchers do not experience financial uncertainty.

Furthermore, it is crucial to not only concentrate on the quantum of the fellowship but also on the overall ecosystem that supports research. This includes providing state-of-the-art research infrastructure, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, and streamlining the process for researchers to access research funding and facilities.

In conclusion, the UGC Fellowship Hike stands as a pivotal milestone in bolstering the dreams and aspirations of research scholars in India. By mitigating financial constraints and creating a nurturing environment for academics, the UGC fosters a vibrant research community that is indispensable for the nation’s growth and development. This investment in academic talent is an investment in India’s future, and it is imperative that the momentum continues while simultaneously addressing the challenges to secure a robust and innovative academic landscape.

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