MANF 2018-19 Result Declared | List, Important Points, Annexures

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MANF 2018-19 Result

Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students (MANF)

The Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students is formulated and funded by the Ministry of Minority Affairs. The scheme is open to candidates who belong to one of the Minority Community i.e. Muslim, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist, Christian & Jain and are pursuing higher studies such as regular and full-time M.Phil/Ph.D. degrees in Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences and Engineering & Technology. The reservation for differently-abled students shall be made as per the provision laid down by the Government of India.

More Details: Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students (MANF)

The result of the scheme of Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students” (MANF) has been declared on 14th of August, 2019.

The list of provisional selected candidates under the scheme of “Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students” (MANF) for the selection year 2018-19 is attached.



Important Points:

The candidates and the institutions where the provisional selected candidates are pursuing their research are informed and advised as under:

1.  The candidates and their institutions may note that the selections have been made on the basis of information given by the candidates therefore their selection is provisional. UGC may verify the information, as given by the candidates, before or after disbursement of fellowship.

2. For claiming the fellowship/scholarship the candidates are advised to fill in the ‘Verification Form cum Joining Report’ and submit it to the officials concerned of their institutions. The verification form shall be duly signed/countersigned by the scholar, the Guide, the Head of Department and the Registrar of University/Director of Institute. A proforma of the ‘Verification Form cum Joining Report’ is also attached below.

Download for MANF 2018-19



3. The institution concerned shall check the result for the details of the provisional selected candidate on official UGC website only i.e. It may be noted that no Award Letter will be issued separately.

4. Apart from verifying the name of the candidate in the selection list from the UGC website, the institution is also required to strictly follow the following procedure:

  • Read the guidelines of the scheme;
  • verify and ensure that the candidate is eligible for receiving the fellowship under the scheme as per the guidelines;
  • ensure the authenticity and correctness of Religion/ Community of the candidate;
  • verify/authenticate the educational qualifications and marks obtained by him/her;
  • ensure that all the documents required as per the guidelines are completely and correctly filled by the scholar in the formats prescribed by UGC;
  • Deposit all the documents submitted by the candidate and keep them in its safe custody and upload the required information, on the scholarship payment portal for claiming the fellowship through DBT mode.
  • Ensure that both the ‘Verification Form cum Joining Report’ and ‘Certificate by the Institution are strictly as per the format given here, are completely filled, properly scanned and uploaded on the scholarship portal;

5. After satisfying itself of the genuineness of the claim and verification of all facts as given in the verification form cum joining report, the concerned institution shall link the candidate on the portal, give all the details and upload a legible and complete copy of scanned ‘verification form cum joining report’ along with the ‘Certificate by the Institution’ on the              scholarship payment portal (

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 6. Once the candidate starts receiving the fellowship, Institution shall ensure that all the claims for Fellowship and HRA are received regularly and uploaded in a time-bound manner on scholarship portal on monthly

7. The data of scholar is required to be uploaded by a ‘Maker’ and approved by a ‘Checker’ who should be permanent officials of that university/institution duly authorised by the Head of Institution to access the scholarship payment

Important Note:

1. Strict action shall be taken against the scholar for furnishing any type of wrong/misleading information in respect of his/her eligibility and other details for getting the fellowship and for furnishing wrong/misleading information during the tenure of the research period. UGC reserves the right to take action/initiate proceedings against such scholars and for recovery of the full amount of paid fellowship along with interest.

2. The institution concerned and its officials shall be held responsible if any payment is made to an ineligible scholar on the basis of uploading of wrong/misleading information on the payment portal. The action shall be taken against the institution/officials including blacklisting of the institution and recovery of the paid amount of fellowship with interest from the institution/officials concerned.

3. Un-authorised access of the scholarship payment portal shall invite action under the relevant provisions of the Information Technology (IT) Act.

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